Teaching philosophy

Each singer has their own voice. A unique expression that pushes them to want to sing. You likely wouldn't be looking at this site if you didn't have it!  It's my job to help you find and realize that voice. And the techniques we use all exist in support of that end result of bringing the full power, range, and tonal quality of your unique voice to its fruition. 

The moment

The best vocal coaches are there to help their students realize their own full potential and creativity. To supply them with the tools to navigate through that incredible adventure that is singing ones heart out.  In the end , it is all about the moment. The incredible emotive  performance of a song whether it be on a recording or a stage. All the preparation and hard work is to create that magical moment for the listener. 

What I enjoy most about teaching?

It is incredibly rewarding to see the look on a singers face of happiness and surprise as they experience the change in their ability that is evident from the very first lesson. I love experiencing that amazing moment of freedom with them as they hear themselves singing songs with ease they used to struggle with or doing something with their voice that they haven't done before.