We sing because we love to sing!

Sometimes that love is so great that we forget that singing is a physical activity that requires a particular coordination to master it, much the same as one would need with a sport, dance, or even learning to walk. It is my job to teach you that coordination so that it becomes ingrained in you and you can sing more freely then ever before.  The skills and techniques you will learn will eventually become second nature, and you will reach a much higher level of expression with your voice. 

Guaranteed results and consistent improvement

You will hear and feel a noticeable improvement in your singing by the end of the first lesson or you don't pay!  With the methods I teach and ongoing lessons you will continue to improve your range, vocal power, tonal quality, intonation, and develop a unified tone through vocal register breaks. You will gain greater agility singing vocal riffs and runs, a more consistent vibrato, a deeper level of emotional performance, and greater confidence! The methods I teach benefit singers of all musical genres including Pop, Rock, R & B, Soul, Country, and Musical Theater. I teach students of all levels from beginners to lifelong professional singers.

In person or online

I offer in person private sessions at my studio in the Studio City-North Hollywood  area of Los Angeles and online sessions in the comfort of your own home using a high quality web conferencing service that works similarly to Skype.   All in person sessions are recorded so you will leave with a CD, or a link to download the lesson. Online sessions are also recorded and include an HD video of the lesson. It's important that the student has a copy of the lessons for further practice and refinement of what is being learned.

What to expect

I work to create a supportive and comfortable environment so that you are assured to receive the greatest benefit and success. The voice is our most personal form of expression and everyone has some degree of judgment of their own voice. As someone who has spent a lifetime singing I am well aware of this. Even the most successful vocalists can struggle with doubt regarding their singing. My role is to help you understand your voice and learn to sing what it is you want to be able to sing with confidence.  

We begin the first session with an evaluation of the condition of your voice using a few vocal exercises which will allow me to assess any improper technique. I will explain to you the physiology of the voice, or how we physically create sound. We work to develop proper technique in order to free the voice and prevent any sort of vocal strain or damage that can occur with improper singing habits. The lessons are then tailored to your individual needs and goals as a singer.

Focus on performance 

Each session starts with vocal exercises as these are the building blocks upon which vocal strength and excellence is attained. These are all designed to help you hear and understand how you are producing sound better. We apply this understanding and other techniques to the songs you wish to work on. I break down the specific aspects of your performance that need attention.  We make adjustments then focus on overall performance,  So half of each lesson is always dedicated to the performance of the songs you wish to sing. This is what it's all about, being able to sing how and what you want to sing!  At the end of the lesson I will give you specific areas to work on that we’ve discovered through the session. 

Voice development for public speaking or jobs which require one to project their voice.

You will learn to speak clearly with confidence, fullness, and power without suffering strain or fatigue.

Vocal injuries and vocal therapy

This method is especially useful if you are suffering from vocal injuries. It has helped many heal from nodes, inflammation, and prevent the need for surgery. You will learn how to sing in a way where you will no longer suffer vocal injuries and vocal fatigue. I trained under celebrity vocal coach Roger Burnley in his vocal therapy method which has helped thousands overcome and prevent vocal injuries. 


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