Ryan F.

Burbank, CA

Shane is amazing. I was looking for a vocal coach that I could feel comfortable with and that would let me sing in my own style (I switch between Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Soul -- all the things) but with better technique. I feel more confident that I've felt in years. Shane has a great ear and a great personality and I'm very grateful to have found him!


Lukas C.

Los Angeles

Went in being a male baritone that could sing an E/F as my high note with some strain and now can consistently sing a G/G# & occasionally a high A as well (after just three months)!!!! Would definitely recommend for anyone that is a songwriter / actor / just someone wanting to learn to sing. Shane is great, patient and helpful.


Becca W.

New York

I appreciate that Shane does not offer one-size-fits-all lessons. He's been responsive about the ways I learn best, and he comes at the skill we're tackling with tips from a variety of directions. I find his feedback and demonstrations (via Zoom during our lessons) clear and helpful. And I appreciate his resources (e.g. drills/scales), respectful use of time, supportive approach and ability to make it normal that we at first struggle in the process of internalizing better technique. We are a good fit despite being on opposite coasts!


Silvia Petrova


For years, I disliked the sound of my singing voice. However, I really did love to sing. I had to change one of them and I chose the first one. That’s how I found Shane. He is truly awesome. He always gives positive encouragement and feedback which is very uplifting and inspiring. Before Shane, I had an extremely limited vocal range and stamina, I strained most of the notes and simply didn’t know how to sing properly. In just a couple of months my voice has changed so dramatically for the better. I reached new levels of freedom, range, and ease and developed good singing habits. Also I’m so much more confident in singing and all of that I owe to Shane!


Orion R.

Los Angeles, California

Shane is a fantastic coach and voice mentor. When I first started taking lessons I hated how my voice sounded when I would try to sing. Shane is very easy to work with and encourages to push past the disbelief in yourself. Since taking classes from him, I've learned to use and hear my voice in ways I never thought I COULD. It is a big confidence building to understand how your voice works and not being afraid to explore its possibilities. Shane's the man, I would highly recommend him. And yes, I was skeptical about doing lessons over the computer but don't be- they're legit and it's actually a really good way to record yourself singing and play it back during the week while you are practicing. Thanks Shane