Running and Singing

For the vast majority of human history the fastest runners in the world knew very little about shoes or even how many miles an hour they were running. But they knew how to run. 

Now with technical knowledge, anatomical knowledge, and video analysis they can watch themselves run and make minor adjustments. And one can analyze every aspect of it all anatomically and design precise footwear for it and get "slightly" faster than before all that knowledge. 

Singing is like running. It can be learned, but no runner can be analyzing their running and do their best performance at the same time. They have to make the adjustments, practice the improved technique and ultimately simply “run". In order to achieve that peak performance the part of the brain doing the analyzing needs to be quiet.

The extra 1/100 of a second difference then added beyond all the skill, training, and knowledge is the undefined quality of being fully enveloped in the performance.