Shane on train


Shane has over 25 years professional singing experience as a performer, recording artist, and session singer. 

He grew up surrounded by music from an early age. He began taking piano lessons at 5 and guitar lessons at 11. By the age of thirteen he was singing in his first band and by age 15 he was performing at local clubs and colleges. 

At 21 his band The Creed recorded a demo with legendary producer David Jerden (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, The Rolling Stones) and the band received air play on LA rock stations KROQ and KEDG. 

Shane later formed Life on Mars which became a regular headliner at legendary Hollywood clubs the Viper Room and The Roxy and the bands track "Killer in The Television" was featured on KROQ DJ's Jed the Fish show as his "Catch of the Day" in 1998. 

Life on Mars completed a self-titled CD in 1998 produced by Jonathan Merrill and mixed by Stu Brawley (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Emmy Rossum). 

"I have been fortunate to work with some of the greatest Producers, engineers and musicians in rock and pop over my years as a singer which helped me to find my voice"  says Shane.

Shane has sung on numerous national and international ad campaigns such as Barbie, VH1, Virgin Cola, The Academy Awards, and many others. He has written songs for Disney and other clients.  He released a solo CD Shane "Stuck on Earth"  in 2009 featuring tracks such as ACDC and Stuck On Earth. 

After over two decades of professional singing Shane decided to expand his own vocal vocabulary by training under world renowned vocal coaches  and became a vocal coach himself. Shane says, "I learned to understand the physiology of singing, and developed a great deal further as a singer. I was able to expand my range and learn to sing higher and lower notes without straining even after years of singing."

Shane continues, "Often I’ll hear from my students that what I teach seems initially counter to what was the focus of previous vocal instructors they've had lessons with. The opposite even.”  “My focus is on developing consistent pure tone and singing through the vocal registers with a single unified voice. With this method some aspects of singing such as proper breath support tend to fall into place more naturally, and the student can focus on getting the sound and style they want to hear when they sing without restriction.”

Shane continues to perform, produce, and write for and with other artists.

What is it that Shane enjoys most about teaching? 
"It is incredibly rewarding to see the look on a singers face of happiness and surprise as they experience the change in their ability that is evident from the very first lesson".